ASB dan emas

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera…

Nak share sikit.. tadi, sorg client ask me to compare ASB & gold.. so this are my explaination to her. i jot it back here ..i think its good to share with all of u


Emas 999.9 (20g)

January 2010  = rm 2300 (i buy)
21 January 2011   = rm 2875 (i sell)   ** rm 3058 (i buy)

Profit in a year   = rm 2875-2300 = rm 575
Profit Percentage in a year = 575/2300*100 = 25%


ASB 2010 dividen + bonus = 8.75%

in case im using rm2300 also to invest in ASB

Profit per year : 8.75/100xRm2300 = rm 201.25


lets see in big ammount. Invest 20k
Profit from Gold : 25 / 100 x 20000 = rm5000
Profit from ASB : 8.75 / 100 x 20000 = rm1750

* Im not saying ASB is not good. ASB is good dan salah satu investment jaminan kerajaan. tapi kalau ada yg boleh bagi profit lg tinggi, WHY NOT we LEARN kan..I’ll show you how to double your profit by combining both ways later ok 🙂

daaa…till we meet again!



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